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As you can read on our home page, Evensong Retreat Center is transitioning to Evensong Ministries.  We will continue to provide Spiritual Direction, Reiki and Wellness programming, and Pastoral Services, however we will no longer be providing overnight retreat accommodations.

Rev. Marie David, Director of Wellness Ministries and Retreats  508-737-2883
Rev. James David, Director of Retreat & Spirituality Programming: 508--737-1899  

Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual Direction is offered at Evensong in the Christian Spiritual Tradition.

Both Rev. James David and Rev. Marie David are members of Spiritual Directors International.
Spiritual Directors International defines Spiritual Direction as"... ... the process of accompanying people on a spiritual journey. Spiritual direction exists in a context that emphasizes growing closer to God (or the holy or a higher power)."
For more on Spiritual Direction and an excellent selection of articles and other resources visit the Spiritual Directors International Website
Spiritual Direction is available at Evensong on a regular basis.

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Spiritual Direction Long Term

To make Spiritual Direction a regular part of your spiritual journey directors are available to meet with you on a regular basis, usually every 4 - 6 weeks.

Directees must be committed to a regular rhythm of personal and communal prayer. They must also be willing to engage in regular reflection on God's movement in their lives in the attempt to discern the direction of God's call. All of this is material which the directee prepares and brings to spiritual direction meetings.

While each individual is unique, there are patterns to the movement of God's Spirit in our lives. These patterns, while not dissimilar across different traditions, are expressed according to unique language and concepts in each tradition. Spiritual directors at Evensong are familiar with these patterns as expressed in the Christian Tradition, both in training and as experienced in their own prayer lives. The spiritual director will listen carefully and caringly to the directee, at times offering feedback and engaging the directee in conversation to help bring new insights to light.

Spiritual direction is available on a sliding scale fee. The normal fee for a 50 minute session $75.